The Haunted House

mardi 2 avril 2019 , par S. Terrier

Lundi 18 mars 2019, 86 élèves ont pu assister, au théâtre du collège, à une représentation en anglais animée par deux comédiens britanniques.

Voici quelques photos illustrant ce moment ainsi que quelques reviews écrites par nos élèves qui vous donnent leur avis.

The haunted house is the story of two friends who shelter in a house because of a rainy day. But they find out that a criminal had killed the owners. Henry and Vicky are scared of the ghost of Mrs Patterson. They help the policeman to catch the criminal and leave the house. This play is very interesting and funny because the comedians interact with the audience. The decor is realistic and it shows our theatre as its best. During the Question/Answer time, the comedians said they learned their script in five days and that they like France. They come from England (Northampton, London) They said they have other jobs (work in a café and in a shop). Thank you Collège Jean Racine and teachers ! Congratulations to the comedians.

Manon, Celia and Céline - 4ème LCE

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