Welcome to Jean Racine !

Des élèves de 4° ont rédigé la présentation, en anglais, du collège afin que les élèves de l’étranger puissent avoir un aperçu de notre cadre de vie et fonctionnement !

Enjoy the tour :) !

Articles de cette rubrique

  • Our best memories

    par S. Terrier

    Some pupils are sharing with you their best memories in Jean Racine !
    My best memory in Jean Racine was last year, in year 7, the whole class with my friends, during an exercice of security, with Mr Desjardins (the history & geography teacher) during two hours . We could play carts, (...)

  • The cafeteria

    par S. Terrier

    The meals take place in the cafeteria. Inside, we speak a lot, it’s very noisy ! Later, we play in the playground.
    1) We line up and wait for our turn to eat.
    2) We put our hand on a digital machine tobe identifed.
    3) We take our tray and cutlery.
    4) We have the choice between several (...)

  • Rules

    par S. Terrier

    I can play football and basket ball
    I can bring my scooter
    I must respect people
    I must do my homework
    I mustn’t throw out litter
    I mustn’t eat in school
    I mustn’t punch my classmates
    I mustn’t go on the grass
    Billal & Aba RULES INSIDE
    – I must put my hand up to speak in (...)

  • Introduction

    par S. Terrier

    In the school there are 3 buldings : the cafeteria, the school and the administration.The atmosphere is cheerful .We like the playground but we don’t like the building site next to it. There are two school administration offices. The supervisors help the pupils and they give information. They (...)